Introduction to the Zhishan Cultural & Ecological Garden

Introduction to the Zhishan Cultural & Ecological Garden

This garden was originally the ammunition depot of the Military Intelligence Bureau. After being released by the Ministry of National Defense, from 2002 the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taipei City Government, renovated the buildings in the garden and planned its transformation into an educational display and leisure space. Today, Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden is run by the Zhishan Administration of Wild Bird Society of Taipei under the authorization of the Cultural Affairs Bureau. It formally opened on December 31, 2005.

Zhishanyan was designated as a Grade 2 ancient relic in 1993 by the Ministry of the Interior. Zhishan Cultural & Ecological Garden is Taiwan’s first ecological park. All the facilities are intended to highlight the rich local culture and ecology. The garden is the only place in Taiwan with seven cultural strata and the only place in the Taipei area with existing “Zhishanyan culture stratum” relics. The local geology is the Daliao layer formed 20-22 million years ago. Zhishanyan was a shelter forest in the Qing dynasty and a natural monument in the Japanese colonial period. It has giant trees, a rare sight in the city and its suburbs. Zhishanyan is a precious recreational green space and forest treasure trove.

A visit to the garden is like a visit to a secret treasure trove. The Ecological Pond, Fantastic Greenhouse, the woodland plants area, Formosan sweetgum corridor and Hotai Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center- BREAD Home, allow you to have close contact with nature. In addition, in the Zhishan Exhibition Room and
Archaeology Exhibition Room you can see how our ancestors lived and the traces of Taipei history.